Artwork - Zaw Thu Hein

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Zaw Thu Hein

Age 9
Zaw Thu Hein

BEMS (Ku Lar Tan), Kalar Tan Village, Myanmar
Rock Music

Zaw Thu lives in Kalar Tan, a village surrounded by pedal fields. Walking around, you may see chickens, cows, and dogs. At home, his family speaks Burmese, and Zaw Thu also speaks English. When he grows up, Zaw Thu would like to be an engineer. He enjoys painting, playing football, and Chin Ball.

Zaw Thu’s favorite thing to eat for dinner is rice. He really likes sweet things and would serve a visitor his favorite fruits, including pineapple, durian, and jackfruit, because he can get them fresh in his village. He enjoys the rainy season as well as the summer holiday when he gets to visit his Grandma’s house.