Artwork - Charisma H. Pabalinas

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Charisma H. Pabalinas

Age 9
Charisma H. Pabalinas

Rizal Elementary School, Makati City, Philippines

Charisma lives in the Philippines, a tropical country with crowded cities. At home, Charisma speaks Filipino and English. When she grows up, she would like to be a chef and cook pork sinigang, a sour and salty soup.

During her free time, Charisma likes reading, drawing and playing board games. Her favorite music is pop music, and she plays the flute. Her favorite books are fairy tales and comics.

Charisma has many friends in her class of 45 students, including some from Korea. She’d like to visit New Zealand because she saw how beautiful it looked in a movie. She loves summer because that is when she gets to go to the beach.